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Celebrate all Festivals with Today celebration.

Humans of so many religions live only in our country of India, so think about how many people of different religions would be living in the whole world.

Right now I am asking you a question, do you know how many festivals are celebrated in the world in a year? obviously, you don’t have the answer to this question but I have.

Through this website, I will bring you information about all the festivals of the world in my Today celebration website.

The Story Behind Today Celebration.

I am a citizen of India and many festivals are celebrated in our country. But the real question is why so many festivals are celebrated in our country?

While searching for the answer, I found this, in our country of India there are many casts and religions. And every religion has its own festivals. But we did not enjoy or celebrate all festivals.

Meet Your Hosts

Tanmay Roy

Tanmay Roy

I am Tanmay Roy, Born on 1997 7th of march. Am from India, West Bengal, Kolkata.

I am the founder of the Today celebration website. I thought that everyone should know every religion’s culture and festivals.